Places to go and things to see by Gypsy Bev

Spring Time in Ohio

Hop in the car with me and let’s take a ride through the back roads of Southeastern Ohio in Guernsey County. Springtime is looking pretty great here.

Today for the first time, notice those beautiful but pesky dandelions blooming in full force.  They look like an army of yellow flowers over the hillside.  Isn’t it nice to see some bright yellow on the banks instead of that snow we had all winter long?

Hard to believe that the lilac bushes are blooming so early this year! Overnight they went from green to purple with only the beginning of blossoms so far.  What a beautiful fragrance!  Let’s stop and cut a few branches to take home with us.

Forsythia bushes cast a golden glow to the roadsides as well.  There is a barn with a row of the bright yellow forsythia along one side of it.  Must be a lady farmer living there.

Travel with me as we visit many new and beautiful places on the back roads.


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