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Heartland Travel Showcase 2018

Foggy Buffalo

This foggy view from our hotel room featured the new Metro Rail.

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in the 2018 Heartland Travel Showcase to let others know about attractions and events in the Cambridge, Ohio area, and especially tell them about Dickens Victorian Village.  It’s always a pleasure to tell others about your hometown.

Buffalo, New York hosted the 2018 Heartland Travel Showcase. Arriving by coach with several other travel associates, we were greeted by a fog covered Buffalo due to warm temperatures and a still frozen Lake Erie.

Hyatt entrance

The lobby of the luxurious Hyatt Regency Hotel welcomed us.

After getting settled into the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Buffalo, it was time to have dinner with fellow travelers. These travel showcases are the perfect place to make new connections for future tours.

Tourism Reception

Barb, January and Carol enjoyed meeting friends at one of the receptions.

Heartland is where booking group travel is a Heart-to-Heart business. Numerous occasions provide a chance to network with others. It’s also the place where you can create a more personal relationship with possible clients during receptions and meetings.


A couple chocolate samples still untouched. The Goo Goo Cluster was created and distributed by the Grand Ole Opry.

Treats were non-stop from the time we stepped on the charter coach, where a box of chocolates were passed around. The Chocolate Tasting continued day after day with many chocolate treats being given in the form of candy or desserts.

Heartland Aisles

Exhibitor booths were placed in nine long aisles for ease of locating.

Contacts, leads, ideas and bookings are what Heartland is all about. With over two hundred exhibitors and sixty tour operators at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center, it’s a great chance to learn more about the travel industry as you meet new people and learn about their wants and needs.

Teddy Roosevelt

President Theodore Roosevelt told us about some of his accomplishments. Buffalo served as his Inauguration site after the assassination of Pres. McKinley.

An exciting forum gave newcomers a chance to learn from more experienced faces in the tour industry. Technology has changed the face of the industry as more publicity is being done via social media. They stressed the importance of promoting posts as well as using keywords to help people connect.

Potential Client

Cambridge tourism partners, Bev and Dixie, explain local attractions to a tour company.

Much of the three day session was spent one-on-one with tour directors meeting exhibitors and learning more about their places to visit. What a difficult job they would have in deciding as each place sounded like the perfect place for a group tour.

Dinner guests

Exhibitors Mary, Mary and Chris sparkled during an evening reception at the Lafayette Brewery.

You could schedule up to forty meetings with various group leaders. The rest of the time was spent either visiting other people’s booths or talking to people who stopped by your booth. Communication about travel was the name of the game.

Return Bus

Three days later, the coach was loaded for the return trip home.

The event definitely spread the word about an event or destination. Most attending say it is their favorite travel show of the year. It is one of the friendliest places you can imagine.

Buffalo Skyline

This painting of the skyline of Buffalo hung in the walkway to the Convention Center.

Shuffle off to Buffalo or your favorite travel destination sometime soon. New places await your exploration.


Lily Dale – City of Light

Use your Sixth Sense! Transforming the inner self to use that sixth sense of intuition and spiritual awareness  is the main goal of Lily Dale Assembly,which has been around for a long, long time. Established during 1879 in Chautauqua County, New York, this small village has been the world’s largest center for spiritual development through Spirtualism religion.  A Spiritualist is a person who believes that life continues after death and individuals are responsible for their own behavior.  Many Spiritualists are also Mediums or Healers, but not all.  They are busy searching for the truth.

A feeling of peace is prevalent throughout Lily Dale.  During the summer there is a varied program of world renowned speakers.  Over the years, this has included such names as Neal Rzepkowski, John White, Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer. Mediums, teachers, and healers frequent the place on a year round basis with a permanent population of nearly 275.

Set on the eastern shores of Cassadaga Lake, the energy of the spiritual world can be felt in this serene setting. As you travel the paths deep in the woods, you will find Forest Temple where communication services are held at the end of each religious meeting to receive spiritual messages. Here many people feel they receive messages from loved ones who have gone on before.

At the end of the forest trail is Inspiration Stump, a sacred spot. Visitors often say they feel a profound sense of peace and heightened sense of awareness when sitting here. This is the site of the most intense spiritual feeling at Lily Dale. Since 1898, two services are held here each day where mediums receive messages from Spirit to members of the audience.

A purification ceremony in the Indian sweat lodge is performed several times during the year. Approximately ten feet in diameter, the sweat lodge is covered with a heavy tarp to keep the heat of the stones inside.  In early times, the Indians would have used animal skins for a covering over the bent birch branch framework. While crawling through the door, participants are smudged with smoke from sweet grass, sage or cedar as initial cleansing. Inside everyone, dressed in loose, comfortable clothing, sits on the floor cross-legged in an attitude of peace.

One at a time, hot stones are brought in and added in all four directions to the fire at the center. The door is then closed and water poured over the hot stones. The steam called “sacred breath” is used to cleanse mind, body, spirit and heart. This is definitely one of those places where “You can feel the temperature rising.”

Staying in Lily Dale is half the experience.  Everyone congregates on the front porch in the evening to exchange stories and experiences.  No connection to the outside world is encouraged so there is a complete lack of television, radio, or phone service in the rooming houses.  Rooms are sparsely, but comfortably, furnished with shared bath facilities in most places.

Every visit here is a new adventure. Where else would you hear a person run from the hotel saying, “Someone’s sweeping the hallways again, and no one’s in there!”  In her book, “Lily Dale,” Christine Wicker concluded, “Did I believe it? Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. But I’d like to.”

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