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Yellowstone Park Erupts

Old Faithful is the biggest, regular geyser at Yellowstone National Park, the world’s first national park.  It erupts every 70-120 minutes for 1-5 minutes. This cone geyser can throw up to 8,400 gallons of boiling water into the air 90-180 feet high in a single eruption. The benches around the geyser are 300 feet away but you can still feel the spray and even get wet if the wind happens to be blowing your direction. The platform here is constructed from approximately three million recycled plastic milk jugs.  Another great viewing point is Geyser Hill.

An elevated boardwalk, the Geyser Hill Loop Trail, is a splendid way to view many smaller geysers and hydrothermal pools as well.  It is an easy walk, just over a mile, and you can enjoy feeling part of a volcanic field as you journey through this unusual landscape. This is a strange, new exciting world. Some places there is a railing along the plastic boardwalk, but other times you walk carefully over the bubbling pools.

The Old Faithful Indicator of when the next eruption will occur is best based on the size of the crowd around the geyser.  As soon as it erupts, everyone leaves.  As the predicted eruption time gets closer, the crowd gathers sometimes making it impossible to even find an empty bench.  But still it erupts when it is ready!

For about twenty minutes before it erupts, Old Faithful will bubble and shoot up small streams of water.  Just teasing the crowd it would seem. But the crowd is patient with cameras ready for action.  Old Faithful was given its name by the Washburn Expedition in 1870 as they were amazed at the regularity of its spewing boiling water and steam to such great heights. So you can see it has been a crowd pleaser for many years. 

The park is filled with volcanic activity.  Makes you wonder if this sleeping giant of a volcano, named Yellowstone Park, could possibly be in major upheaval someday soon. You feel like you are walking on dangerous territory.  Things here are constantly changing so repeat trips can be as interesting as the first. You can be sure that Old Faithful will still be quite the attraction.


Comments on: "Yellowstone Park Erupts" (3)

  1. I saw it in 1995 – It was good and just as you describe it!

    • Yellowstone is such a unique place with a landscape unlike anywhere else I have traveled in the US. When I sent a postcard to my young cousin, he thought the bubbling lava pools were a picture from another planet.

  2. Iceland is similar but wilder!

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