Places to go and things to see by Gypsy Bev

“Someone is looking in the window. It looks like a big ape. Help!”  shouted a shivering Cassie as she pulled the covers over her head. Cassie had good cause to be alarmed as her window was six feet off the ground.  If someone was looking in, they had to be very, very tall.

Cassie’s Dad, Bill, didn’t seem the least bit frightened.  “Perhaps it is just another visit from that creature called Bigfoot.  Sure would like to get a close look at him.  Be quiet and maybe he will hang around here for a while.”

Just yesterday, Jack had been telling him about an experience he had while in the Indian Camp area where Bill lived.  That evening, Jack and his coon hunting friend were sitting under a tree with a six pack of beer when all of a sudden they heard a strange sound.  At first they thought it was an owl, but decided it didn’t really sound like an owl after all.  There were sounds coming from two different areas and they almost seemed to be talking to each other.

All of a sudden, there was an ear piercing scream that scared both of them so bad their hearts were pounding as fast as an old John Deere tractor going full speed ahead. Time to call an end to hunting that night!

When they were heading back home, they found huge footprints along Indian Camp Run. They were about 20″ long and it appeared that whatever made these tracks was taking very big strides, so likely it was quite tall. Often the tracks would disappear into the stream making it seem that the creature was very intelligent and trying to confuse the trackers.

After hearing these stories, Bill was even more curious. Perhaps Bigfoot was trying to learn more about humans. So Bill decided to go outside and check around the house.  Over the fence in the orchard, he saw a large apple tree shaking and apples falling to the ground.  Was Bigfoot getting an evening snack?

What was that strange smell?  He had never smelled that strong odor before. It smelled like rotten eggs.  Jack had said that Bigfoot gave off a smell like rotten eggs or sulfur so perhaps it really was Bigfoot out there.

All Bill hoped was that he could get a glimpse of him.  Once his eyes got accustomed to the dark, he could see at the far side of the orchard, a very large creature climbing over the fence.  It was about 8′ tall and looked rather shaggy from a distance.  When it turned to look back, its red eyes shone like large fireflies.  Then… it was gone!

The Indian Camp area seems to be a prevalent spot for spotting of Bigfoot activity. Will Bill locate the elusive Bigfoot?  Maybe Cassie will see him looking in her window sometime soon…if she ever sleeps without the covers pulled over her head again.


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