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Crystal Geyser is a pleasant surprise in this Utah territory, one of my favorite places to explore.  While staying in Green River, Utah, residents there suggested a nine mile trip down a rough, off-trail road, which led to an unexpected geyser.

Here we have a rare example of a cold water carbon dioxide geyser, which is completely different from the geothermal geysers seen in Yellowstone Park. Man actually drilled for oil on this spot in 1935, and got an unexpected result. There were said to be several of these bore holes in the region, but Crystal Geyser seems to produce the most spectacular results…if you are patient.

People at the local coffee shop encouraged me to be certain I had reading material, sun protection and plenty of water as you never know when this geyser is going to erupt.  Sometimes is it every eight hours and could be up to twenty two hours between eruptions. Many people camp here all night to catch the next eruption.   So patience is definitely the name of the game.

Carefully following directions, finally arrived at a point that had a small sign indicating Crystal Geyser.  My curiosity was piqued so got out a blanket, put on a straw hat, and took my book to a nearby orange rock among the colorful mineral deposits. Decided to wait it out! Here people came and went for several hours arriving on dirt bikes, kayaks and four wheelers as well as SUVs, trucks and cars. Had to get up and take some walks around the area while waiting.  Too long to sit in one spot!

Finally there seems to be some action near the pipe marking the geyser. Just watching its approach is quite interesting. First, water surfaces and creates a small pool in the area.  The area begins to bubble off and on for several minutes. Even the mud begins to bubble. Next you could see water spouting out the holes in the pipe.  Then, the eruption gave off a cooling spray enjoyed by adults and children alike. Several children got as close as they could to splash in the geyser pool and feel the cool spray.

When it finally erupts, the water may be anywhere from a height of eight feet to a hundred feet, and could last from ten minutes to two hours. It’s always a surprise even to those who live in the area.  Once it is finished there is a whooshing sound as most of the water is sucked back into the ground, and the rest flows away over the yellow-orange rock surface into the Green River. Felt quite lucky to have it erupt on my first visit and within about six hours.

Back in Green River, stopped to get a couple of their delicious melons to take back home.  Today my slice of life included a big slice of watermelon to end this adventure on a sweet note.


Comments on: "Crystal Geyser Bubbles in Green River" (3)

  1. Could you provide a date you saw the eruption and its maximum height. I heard recently that the geyser had been vandalized, and I’m trying to figure out when it happened. Many thanks!

    • This was a couple of years ago and would say the eruption was about 50′ in height. So sad to hear that it has been vandalized.

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