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Rachel, Nevada –  Population: Humans YES…Aliens ?   Those words are seen on a sign as you enter the town of Rachel, which has been named the “UFO Capital of the World” due to its closeness to the top secret Air Force test facility Area 51, and claims of numerous UFO sightings.

Route 375, The Extraterrestrial Highway, meanders across the desert of Nevada and North of  Area 51.  Visitors must be cautious as this is open range and cattle frequently cross the highway, or might just be standing in the middle of the road.  This is another lonesome highway where strange lights often appear in the night sky, and you have the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere.

After the nearly hundred mile drive across the desert from Las Vegas, the Restaurant called Little A’Le’Inn is a welcome sight.  This is the friendliest group of people and all  are willing to discuss the various sightings and events in their area. While waiting for my  World Famous Alien Burger, took time to look around inside at their Mini Museum.  No surprise that there would be a gift shop with many Alien and Extraterrestrial Highway items available as well as a wall covered with UFO photos from all over the world.

Directions were freely given to the border of Area 51, but was warned to stay back from the fence, or a guard would appear very quickly as the area is securely monitored.  Did drive back through the desert roads about nine miles, until a couple signs said: Warning Restricted Area and Warning Military Installation, which seemed an appropriate place to halt that journey. Could see the dust of an approaching vehicle so headed back toward Rachel.

One last stop at the Inn to view the unique tow trunk with an alien space ship in tow.  In front of the restaurant on the right side, you can see the ID4 Monument  placed there by the producers of the movie, Independence Day. Enclosed is a time capsule to be opened in 2050  “by which time interplanetary travelers shall be regular guests of our planet Earth.”

Headed out as darkness was starting to fall and certainly hated to see the day come to an end. The friendly locals suggested I watch for a mailbox along the road as I was leaving. Just down the road was the famous  “Black Mail Box”, now painted white, where people sign their names at the spot where UFO watching is a frequent activity.

Leaves many questions to be answered to those skeptical about UFOs.  Why do so many people come to the Black Box area?  Is there life on other planets?  Do aliens from other galaxies dwell among us?

These are all questions still pondered while drinking my morning tea from a Little A’Le’Inn mug.


Comments on: "Rachel, Nevada “UFO Capital of the World”" (6)

  1. Well I really think the aliens are real here in Nevada because well……..can’t really put my finger on it I just do!

    • Certainly agree with you! Someday soon we will probably learn more. Do enjoy exploring the possibilities. Thanks for visiting Gypsy Road Trip!

  2. I went in November 2012 and really enjoyed the people in Rachel. The staff in the A Le Inn were really great people and their establishment was very interesting. Stories that were told were very interesting and I enjoyed it. This is a must stop on your trip. I actually drove the road to the North Gate of Area 51 , which is out in the desert. Hello to the wonderful blonde lady working there and entertained my friend and I.

    • Rachel is indeed an interesting little town and the inn there is full of information. I too took that ride into the desert to one of the gates, but was quickly met by a speeding jeep coming from inside the fence. I hadn’t really planned on going in, but they wanted to make certain. Thanks for taking a Gypsy Road Trip!

  3. gotta go and see this place!

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