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Welcome to the Geroux Herb Garden in Gahanna.

Welcome to the Geroux Herb Garden in Gahanna.

Nestled away in the middle of the city, a peaceful herb garden brings healing and refreshment to those willing to open their minds and hearts. For centuries, herbs have been used to flavor our food, cure our ills, and perfume our bodies, while growing herbs makes a decorative addition to your garden

Relax under the arbor in the peaceful gardens.

Relax under the arbor in the peaceful gardens.

Located in Gahanna, Ohio – not too far from Port Columbus International Airport – Geroux Herb Garden provides an educational retreat for those interested in the use of herbs for many purposes. Gahanna carries the title, “Herb Capital of Ohio”. Since that title was given through efforts of the “Herb Ladies”, one of those strong promotors being Jane “Bunnie” Geroux, the gardens have been named in her honor.

Bunnie Geroux was instrumental in having Gahanna named

Bunnie Geroux was instrumental in having Gahanna named “Herb Capital of Ohio”.

For well over half of her life, Bunnie has had a strong interest in herbs. An early “goosefoot” herb garden for an historic site flamed her passion years ago. Since then she has been promoting the use of herbs throughout the city of Gahanna. Until she retired last year, she operated  a successful business, Culpepers, which specialized in dried bouquets.

Recently Bunnie retired from her Culpepers & Herb Shop.

Recently Bunnie retired from her Culpepers Herb House, where this sign hung for years.

“Bunnie”, at the age of 91, still actively participates in activities at the center. When the assistant director was asked about his favorite part of being involved, he instantly replied, “I have learned so much from Bunnie. I treasure the experience.” Walking with her in the gardens, he learned to use his senses of smell, sight, touch and taste.

The gardens contain many different kinds of herbs.

The gardens contain many different kinds of herbs.

One acre here holds an amazing variety of herbs in several categories: Biblical, Culinary, Medicinal, Meditative, and Scented. Each has their own special place in the garden as they attempt to educate the public on the use of different herbs.Renovation is currently taking place while a new irrigation system is installed.

.If you don’t have room outside for an herb garden, perhaps you would like to plant something in a pot on your window sill or in a porch container during the warmer months. Their fragrance alone gives a reward for your labors. Thyme, mint, oregano, and lavender have always been some of my favorites.

A bottle lid picture brightens the lobby.

A bottle lid picture brightens the lobby.

Stroll through these aromatic gardens where admission and parking are free. Slip away from the chaotic world and visit this hidden gem soon.

The information center hosts classes regarding herbs plus a great place to buy what herbs you want.

Natzger-Miller House hosts classes regarding herbs plus serves as a great place to buy herbs you might like to try.

The Nafzger-Miller house, headquarters for the Herb Center, was built in 1855. Now it provides a place for meetings, lectures, and even herbal tea parties. A few blocks away from Geroux Garden at this Educational Center, classes are held on Tea Gardening, Traditional Medicines, Culinary and Craft throughout the year. The instructors have a good grasp of their subject matter and present things in an interesting manner.

The drying shed stores dried herbs to use in various ways.

The drying shed stores dried herbs to use in various ways throughout the year.

September is time to harvest many of these herbs and dry them for use during the winter season. Their drying shed provides the perfect place for this activity.

Employees at the gardens and information center used herbs from their home herb gardens frequently. Basically, they used them for culinary purposes in breads, toppings, and teas. Medicinal use is an area that I would like to explore more thoroughly. I believe there is much to be learned about healing from what nature has provided.

Geroux Herb Garden is located at 206 South Hamilton Road in Columbus, just off Route 62.


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  1. Herbs not only taste good, but used for so many herbal remedies – now we see how beautiful they be as well. Thanks, Bev.

  2. Lovely place. I’m sitting here imagining how amazing the aroma must be as you walk around – perhaps right after a rain.

  3. My trip just happened to be after a shower and I had to rub my fingers across a leaf or two to pick up some extra scent.

  4. The Geroux Herb Garden is absolutely beautiful… A perfect place to visit and chill out a little bit… I love your post… Sending best wishes. Aquileana 🐉☀️

  5. I love reading about herbs, using them for cooking or baking and I love growing them in little pots and picking them fresh as I need to use them. Nice blog, Bev.

    • I use herbs a lot for medicinal purposes as well. Use peppermint oil for headache relief and lavender is a great healer of cuts and scrapes. Nature provides so many things for us to use.

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