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Come as you are in the family car!

That’s the motto of Lynn Auto Theatre, where you can drive in to watch a family movie any evening after dark during the summer months, or on weekends in the spring. Many remember going to a drive-in movie, walking to the concession stand for snacks, and hanging the speaker on your car window.

Lynn's screen before show

Lynn Auto Theatre is one of the few grass drive-in theatres left in the world. There was actually patches of snow on the ground that evening.

You can still do this at Lynn’s near Strasburg. Here you’ll find a piece of Tuscarawas County history – the oldest drive-in theater in Ohio, and the second oldest continually operating in the world. When it opened its doors in 1937, it was called Boyers Auto Theatre.

Lynn's Boyer Theater

This shows the entire complex as it was in 1937.

Boyers was more than a drive-in movie. They had a train ride, miniature golf, an arcade, restaurant and gasoline station. This family entertainment complex was one of four drive-ins built before WWII.

Lynn's Popcorn stand

Concession stands for popcorn and hot dogs were on wheels.

Why would it be called Lynn Auto Theatre today? When Ward Franklin and Ray McComb purchased the drive-in, they named is after McComb’s daughter, Judy Lynn.

Lynn's Dick Reding

Dick Reding stands at the marquee in the late 1950s.

Then the Reding family entered the scene. Dick Reding  always had a passion for movies. During the time of silent movies, he played the records for the musical accompaniment that went along with the films when a live musician was not available. In 1957, Dick managed a string of theaters in the Canton area, but drive-ins became very popular about then, so he decided to purchase Lynn’s.

Lynn's ticket booth

Darla and cat, Gizmo, run the ticket booth.

Since that time, it has been passed down through the same family for 59 years from grandpa to son, and now run by the grandsons, Rich and Jamie Reding. This family affair continues at the ticket booth, where Rich’s wife, Darla, with cat, Gizmo, welcomes guests. Family members and their friends also manage the concession stand where prices are reasonable. Footlong coneys with cheese, and popcorn are their most popular items.

Lynn Popcorn

The soft yellow glow of the concession stand reminds one of buttery popcorn. Rich still proudly uses the 1962 C. Cretors & Co. Popcorn Marchine.

Rich reminisced that grandpa continued his love for the drive-in even after he and his wife moved to an assisted living facility. He recalled grandpa looking out the window at a large field and remarking, “That would be a nice place to build a drive-in.” Love of theater ran in his blood.

Lynn's Speaker

Those old speakers can still be used.

In the early days of the drive-in, sound for the movies came through speakers under the screen. These “Boom Speakers” could be heard over the sound of a roaring train. Next came the speakers to hang on the window of your car. Today you have a choice, you can still listen through the old speaker, or you can turn to a designated FM station on your radio dial to hear the movie in stereo sound.

Back in 1967, a second screen was added so patrons had a bigger choice of movies. Often during a summer weekend, both screens will be sold out and cars turned away. Space is limited to 390 vehicles.

Lynn's digital projector

The new digital projector makes life much easier for the Redings, and more enjoyable for those watching.

One of the big recent changes came about because of new technology. 33 mm films are no longer being made by the movie industry, so it was necessary to switch to a digital projector, which was very expensive costing $75,000. But it makes for a much clearer picture on the movie screen and fantastic sound.

Lynn's Marquee

This giant marquee announces two choices of double features each evening.

When driving down SR 250, you can’t miss Lynn Auto Theatre where you see the Mammoth Classic Neon Marquee, which displays the latest family films for summer enjoyment. Admission is very reasonable at $7.00 per adult with $3.00 per child 5-11. Under 5 are free.

In Rich’s opinion, success of the theater depends on two major factors: nice weather and Hollywood producing movies that everyone wants to see. With the new digital projectors, ‘prom posals’ and even wedding proposals are popular items to show on the screen.

Lynn's Menu

Their menu lists reasonable prices.

Right now the theater is only open on the weekends, but what a great trip it would be to revisit the drive-in, get some popcorn from the concession stand, and relax in the comfort of your car while seeing a double feature. You even have a choice of two different double features happening on the same evening.

Lynn Auto Theatre is a great place to spend an evening, and see the stars under the stars.

Lynn Auto Theatre has easy access just north of Strasburg at 9735 SR 250, where State Route 250 and 21 split. 


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  1. Kandi Roche said:

    *Drive-In Theaters always make me think of when Dr Robert Schuller started his Ministry in Anaheim, Ca. in the Drive -in Theater. It worked quite well for families who had ill people in their family. The Ill ones could come in the their P.J.’s & Bathrobe, sit in the car during the serman & listen to Schuller speak through the speakers. When Schuller built his Crystal Cathedral, built it with glass walls. The walls opened where the Minister stood preaching and had speakers for the ill who came to church and sat in the car like they had done at the Drive-In Theater. It was never the same after Bob Schuller retired. He and his wife were always so nice to me and my family. I sang in the choir. Nice memories. He provided the services when my step-father and Mother died.*

    On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 8:15 PM, Gypsy Road Trip wrote:

    > Gypsy Bev posted: “Come as you are in the family car! That’s the motto of > Lynn Auto Theatre, where you can drive in to watch a family movie any > evening after dark during the summer months, or on weekends in the spring. > Many remember going to a drive-in movie, walking to the” >

    • Thanks, Kandi, for sharing that wonderful memory. I never realized that Dr, Schuller started his ministry in a drive-in movie theater setting. I always enjoy learning new things.

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