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The Awesome Japanese Garden at Dawes Arboretum

Dry Lake in Japanese Garden

Stone River in Japanese Garden at Dawes Arboretum

Peace! Sweet Peace! As soon as the climb to the Japanese Gardens at Dawes Arboretum began, a feeling a serenity surrounded. Back in 1963, Dr. Makoto Nakamura from the University of Kyoto, Japan designed this beautiful setting near Newark, Ohio.

Upon entering the gardens, you first approached a large area of white sand with boulders around its side. It appeared very similar to a sandtrap on a golf course.   Upon closer observation, it was a mixture of sand and small white stones, which filled the area. This is called a stone river, Karesansui, “dry landscape”, or more frequently known as a zen garden. White stone and sand in the zen garden represent water and purity.

Tranquil Lake

Tranquil Lake

A tranquil pond  was the centerpiece for this magnificent garden, which has many large rocks. Gumdrop and cherry trees added to the landscape. This peaceful path lead up the hill to a reflecting pool surrounded by plants from across the ocean. There truly is peace in beauty.

To step or not to step, that is the question.

To step or not to step, that is the question.

The bridge lead to a path of stepping stones crossing the remainder of the pond. Guests that day seemed to be testing the water just a bit before taking a frightening step for some. All around the stepping stones and under the bridge, bright colored koi put on a show for visitors.

Japanese Pagoda

Japanese Pagoda

Along the paved pathway, there were various statues and pieces of artwork. A small pagoda appeared at the edge of the woods – a place to stop and worship in the Buddhist tradition. This tall pagoda lantern added a touch of tranquility along the walk.

Tea house or meditation house

Tea house or meditation house

The meditation room made a relaxing place to sit and enjoy the silence, especially in the early morning or bundled up on a cold winter day. This rustic, roofed shelter protects from the elements and provides a place to sit and reflect.  This serene corner of the garden casts its spell as you drift off to dreams and peaceful thoughts.

Stops at this soothing and peaceful place are pleasant anytime of the year. The next time you pass the sign that says Dawes Arboretum, consider stopping by for a spell.

Dawes Arboretum is located near Newark, Ohio just off I-70.  Take Exit 132 , Route 13 , and proceed North on Route 13 for about three miles.  The entrance is located on the left hand side of the road at 7770 Jacksontown Road. Follow the signs inside to the Japanese Garden. It’s a relaxing experience.


Schnormeier Gardens

Garden Time again!  Have just received word that these tranquil gardens will be open from June 1-5. 2011 from 10-4 daily.  The owner has added two days to the schedule to accommodate the growing number of annual visitors.  Hope you can find the time to enjoy their beauty.

Tranquility and serenity are two words describing the Schnormeier Gardens near the village of  Gambier, Ohio.  Once a year, usually in June, these beautiful gardens are open to the public. They are also open by appointment for groups during the year.  Take a walk with me and experience their beauty.

Each year the gardens have additions that catch the eye and provide a spirit of peace over fifty gently rolling acres in central Ohio.  As you walk down the grassy hillside to the lake, you breathe in the natural beauty of your surroundings.  In the distance you hear the sound of a waterfall dashing over rocks at a thousand gallons per minute.  Getting closer, you find a seat on a nearby rock and soak in the ambiance of your surroundings.

Walk over the red Chinese bridge to Swan Island and isolate yourself from the cares of the world.  Everywhere the plants have been chosen carefully to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Nearby is the Japanese Tea House, one of my favorite places for inspiration. Here you can hear the waterfalls as it bubbles over the rocks and view the lake through the tea house doors.  Outside there is a stone water basin with a long handled dipper.  Traditionally, this was the place to purify yourself by pouring water over your hands before entering the tea house. Wash away the impurities of the temporal world.

Their home inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright is the central point of the property.  While it is not open to the public, the patio area has several chairs and benches where you can rest and let the peace of the gardens surround you.

There are many paths through quiet woodlands with original sculptures surprising you along the way.  This is a place for meditation and peace.

One pond has a zig zag bridge which is a challenge to your balance.  The swans watch as you pass by and the beautiful water lilies are plentiful.

Words alone can not describe the beauty of the gardens.  This is a place you need to experience first hand. If you enjoy the beauties of nature and want a day of tranquility, take a stroll through the Schnormeier Gardens.

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