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Bryce Canyon – Angel’s View of the Hoodoos

Come fly with me! Fly over the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon.  Several years ago when leaving a winter afternoon of hoodoo adventure in Bryce Canyon, noticed an old log air hangar way back in the field. On the roof, painted in large yellow letters, were the words Bryce Canyon Airport.  There was a sign that said, “Airplane Rides $25.”  Well, that sounded too good to be true, but was in the mood for some high flying adventure so decided to check things out. Walking amongst the hoodoos was thrilling, but wanted to experience the thrill of soaring overhead these strange looking rock pillars.

As it turned out, they were closed for the day, but was assured that in the morning, there would be a good chance for a flight as long as weather permitted.  So for once, it was up early so as not to miss this chance to glimpse an angel’s view of the hoodoos.

For thirty minutes the pilot glided the two seater, single engine prop at 1,000 feet above the beautiful snow capped Bryce Canyon.  Still smile just thinking of this ride of a lifetime over some of the nation’s most spectacular scenery.   The pilot pointed out highlights of the canyon and told tales of the hoodoos as well.

Nowhere in the world are there more hoodoos than here in Bryce Canyon. These strange formations are said to be over 60 million years old and once covered by the seas. Freezing and thawing are responsible for their criss-cross designs and slow erosion. While it is interesting to learn the geological formation of these strange creatures, it is also fascinating to hear the Indian legend of their formation.

A Piute Native American myth tells that when the animal legend people, who lived in Bryce Canyon long ago, displeased the coyote, he became angry and turned all the people into rocks.  To them this beautiful Bryce Canyon means, “red rocks standing like men in bowl shaped canyon.” Ebenezer Bryce, the man for whom the canyon is named, described it as “a hell of a place to lose a cow.”

As we soar over the landscape, it is so breathtaking that for a short while forgot to take some pictures to remember this flight later in life.  Soon the camera was snapping and angled to catch the bottom of the wing so you could actually see the photos were taken in flight.

The time passed so quickly and soon we were back on the ground.  The pilot’s wife presented me with a souvenir coffee mug that had a picture of Bryce Canyon wrapped around it.  Ah! Morning Memories!  This day had to be a preview of what life will be like in Heaven soaring with the angels. Adventures like these are definitely ones you will  remember for the rest of your life.


What the Wind Picked Up

The wind was picking up as Angela hurried from her car at Bryce Canyon.  She threw on her backpack, picked up a walking stick, and headed to take a closer look at the Hoodoos near the Queen’s Garden.

While the wind was whirling the fog down in the canyon, she noticed the same man who had tried to start up a conversation with her yesterday at Zion. Angela kept on enjoying the scenery with one eye, while keeping one eye on the stranger.

Strolling down rough paths among the hoodoos was a great adventure. These tall rock columns ranged in size from a human to a ten story building. The Paiute Indians called these colorful hoodoos “Legend People,” who had been turned into stone as punishment for evil deeds.

The enchanting hoodoos cast their spell on Angela, temporarily causing her to forget about the mysterious stranger. A glance showed him following!  Was it a coincidence they were on the same path?

While rounding another hoodoo, the man spoke to her. “Hello, please stop so we can talk.  I believe I know you.”

Angela continued down the path hoping to see some other hikers. Unfortunately, on this cold, windy day there was no one in sight.

Now Angela was not the fastest hiker as she had a very heavy backpack. Before long the stranger caught up to her and blocked her path. What could she do? This called for a backup plan that she only used in an emergency.

Her backpack was actually jet powered.  With one turn of the knob, Angela went straight up and away from her pursuer.  Wow that was a close call, she thought.  However, she didn’t notice the stone arm extending from the hoodoo, which caught her jet pack and knocked her to the ground.

Angela was getting up slowly from the ledge where she landed and with dismay saw the stranger moving quickly her direction.

“Finally,” he said, “I have caught up with you.  My name is Jack Windt.  I have been following you for a few days just to get a chance to talk to you.  For years I have been trying to find my sister who left home when she was fifteen. No one has seen her for five years and you look just like her.  I had to see if you were my sister!”

“Oh, my,” remarked Angela. “I am not your sister but she must be very special.”

“Yes, she is my only sister and our Mother is very sick. Mom was hoping I could locate her and bring her back home.”

“Maybe I can help you.  I am a private investigator and have access to many police computer records.  Guess the wind picked up another interesting case for me.  Time to start searching.”

And that is exactly what she did!

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