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Fun at Fox’s High Rock Petting Zoo in Hocking Hills

Fox’s Petting Zoo is south of Logan on Route 664.

Next time you’re in the Hocking Hills area, take the youngsters a few miles south of Logan to Fox’s High Rock Farm and experience their Petting Zoo. The animals and hosts are very friendly. Get up-close to gentle animals that love extra attention.

Aaron and Cindy Fox want to share their love of animals.

Some people naturally love animals. Aaron and Cindy Fox grew up with dogs, cats, and horses all their life. So in 2016, when they found a small farm near Logan, they thought it would be the perfect place for a Petting Zoo so they could share their love of animals.

Horses have been a long-time Fox family favorite.

The animals here love people, as are well cared for and given special treatment from the time they are born. When animals are handled with kindness, they reciprocate by being gentle and love to be petted, fed, and talked to.

Miniature donkey Cindy watches over her baby Zeke.

At the Petting Zoo, you will find sheep, horses, a pig, miniature cows, miniature donkeys, many goats, and friendly cats. While this is a small petting zoo, guests receive significant attention. Several college students, who all love animals and children, work here during the summer months. They answer questions and assist children as they find a favorite animal to pet.

This young man is giving special attention to a lamb by combing it.

Visiting a petting zoo has many benefits for children. They learn how to be gentle and caring with goats and sheep yet learn to be brave when petting larger animals like donkeys and horses. It’s the perfect place to observe the unique behaviors of the animals at close range.

This young lady goes nose to nose with a gentle cow.

Aaron and Cindy want the Petting Zoo to be affordable so admission is $2 per person. Many children come back often during the year to watch the animals grow and change. Baby animals are always a big attraction.

Purchase an ice cream cone filled with Petting Zoo Feed and get close to the animals.

If you really want the animals to be your friend, buy an ice cream cone filled with Mazuri Petting Zoo Diet for $1. All the animals like this food which is purchased in 40-pound bags. You’ll have them eating right out of your hand. Yes, they even eat the cone!

Primary diet for all of the animals is hay from the Fox’s farm. During the winter season, they receive grain in the morning, but throughout the summer when the Petting Zoo is open, animals are fat and happy from all the food they are fed from the ice cream cones.

Goats, especially the baby ones, are very popular.

Get up close and personal with many goats that fill the pens. Children love watching the playful antics of the goats. Rub a pig’s belly or hug a lamb before heading out to the pasture to pet a horse, donkey, or cow.

This friendly pig likes to have its belly rubbed.

Rules for visiting say: 

  • Please no hitting, biting, pulling, running, yelling, or screaming.
  • Not responsible for butts, scratches, licks, and spit.
  • We take responsibility for fun, good times, big smiles, laughter, and education.
Nacho is a rescue cat that loves the attention of visitors.

Their gift shop is filled with gifts you are sure to enjoy. Find tee shirts, local Hocking Hills products (some made of goat milk), and stuffed animals, of course. Just outside the gift shop is a Penny Pincher machine that turns your penny into a souvenir with a picture of an animal on it. They have a wide selection of animal Christmas ornaments so I had to have one for my Christmas tree that gets decorated with memories of all my favorite places.

Their other business is Hocking Hills Canoe LIvery.

Aaron and Cindy are never bored as they also have Hocking Hills Canoe Livery in Logan. Here, the staff helps plan canoe, kayak, and raft trips on the Hocking River.

Once in a while, Aaron and Cindy find someone reliable to watch the animals and take a break in the Smoky Mountains or at Gatlinburg. Stopping at any Petting Zoo they see along the way is part of their journey as they are always looking for new ideas and ways to improve their zoo.

Children enjoy feeding the goats.

Their goal at the Petting Zoo is to give others the joy they feel being surrounded by animals on a daily basis. The Petting Zoo is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day every day except Wednesday from 10:00 – 5:00. During September and October, they are usually open on the weekends.

Teach the love of animals to your family by visiting the Petting Zoo with super friendly animals just south of Logan on Route 664. Take pictures for memories of a great day in Hocking Hills. The animals are waiting for you!


How to Use a Washboard

Columbus Washboard Company Welcome Sign

Columbus Washboard Company Welcome Sign

During my recent trip to Columbus Washboard Factory in Logan, Ohio, one of the highlights of the visit was discovering that part of their mission is to send free washboard kits to members of the armed services. This kit includes: a washtub, washboard, soap, clothesline, clothes pins, foot powder when available, and a set of instructions on “How to Use a Washboard”.

For some of you this instruction list will bring back memories of the past, while for others it may seem rather humorous compared to washing methods today. Notice the special suggested order for items to be washed. Not sure if I completely agree with this order, but it was the given instruction list. Maybe you will discover you have been washing things in the wrong order for years. Hope you enjoy the list!

Washboard kit being used by a member of the armed services.

Washboard kit being used by a member of the armed services.

Before you begin, there is a reminder that it is okay to wash laundry in cold water.

1) Put water in the tub until 3/4 full.

2) Put underwear into the water to soak.

3) Rest the soap bar at the top of the board.

4) Rub underwear over soap and then rub item vigorously on the metal rub surface. Repeat step 4 until item is clean.

Dubl Handi Washboard with two different rubbing surfaces

Dubl Handi Washboard with two different rubbing surfaces

5) Put shirts in water and repeat step 4 to clean.

6) Wash pants the same way.

7) Last item to wash would be your socks. Allow them to soak and then repeat step 4 many times.

8) Do not discard the water. Soak your feet for 20 minutes, it will feel sooo good!

9) Dry your feet, apply foot powder if available, clean socks and boots.

10) Discard dirty water, refill bucket and rinse items until no soap remains.

11) Wring out clothing items and pin on clothesline to dry.

12) We hope your laundry days are warm and breezy, and that you all come home safely – soon!

This list was developed by Columbus Washboard Factory, 14 Gallagher Ave, Logan, OH 43138.



Washboards – Not Relics of the Past


Columbus Washboard Factory

Columbus Washboard Factory in Logan, Ohio

Scrub a Dub Dub! That’s the sound of clothes being washed on what most consider an old-fashioned washboard. But that’s not the case at all! People around the world still use washboards and many of those are being made today by the Columbus Washboard Factory in Logan, Ohio.

In 1895, Frederic Martin, Sr. began building washboards called “Bear Easy” in his back yard near Columbus, Ohio on Oxley Avenue in Grandview. The business didn’t really take off until his son, Frederic, Jr. expanded the business in 1925. Their peak year was in 1941 when they sold 1,287,757 washboards. During their lifetime they sold over 23,000,000. But eventually the business was sold and in 1999 moved to Logan, Ohio where the new owners promoted some alternative uses for washboards.

Washboard being made

Washboard being made

Today Columbus Washboard Company is the only company in the United States that makes washboards. They emphasize originality and high quality in over 80 different boards they manufacture.  Signs posted throughout the small factory make it quite easy to do a self-guided tour. Workers eagerly answer any questions you might have. If you have a group of six or more,  a guided tour will be provided.

Production has slowed and there are usually about 200 washoards made per day now. Once the materials are assembled, it takes less than a minute to make a washboard. They have the one-at-a-time assembly down to a science.

A crimper holds a roll of metal, which runs through a device that bends the metal to create various rubbing surfaces. The two most popular washboards are Maid Rite and Dubl Handi, which gets its name from double sides on the washboard. One side is rough for those tough spots, while the other side is fairly smooth for fine garments.

Washboard kit for Armed Service members

Washboard kit for Armed Service members

The fact that the washboards and all parts are Made in the USA creates a special added attraction. A Washboard Kit makes an excellent gift for members of the armed forces stationed away from civilization. Each kit includes a covered tub, washboard, bar of soap, clothesline, clothespins, and, of course, instructions.

Various Washboard sizes

Various Washboard sizes

If you have a member of the armed services who might have need of a washboard kit, Columbus Washboard Factory will send a kit free of charge. Send a name and address of someone in the armed services to Columbus Washboard Factory, 14 Gallagher Avenue, Logan, Ohio  43138. Donations are appreciated, but not required.

Once in a while the washboards get used in unique ways. One such time happened when a soldier received some steaks. How could they cook them? They used the wood on the washboard to start a fire and then used the rough metal surface for the grill. Those military guys think outside the box.

These boards get shipped around the world. Some of the frequent customers outside the United States live in England, France, Japan, Australia, and all of the tropical islands.

Columbus Washboard Factory has discovered other uses for the washboards besides laundry. At the Veterans hospital in Waco, Texas, they decided to cover the walls of the elevator and cafeteria with washboards. Guess they wanted a scrubbed clean look!  Many people today use them for decorative purposes and some have a blackboard in place of the metal so it can be used for a message board.

Their gift shop includes many unique items besides all the various washboards. You can find products that Grandma would have used such as Laundry Powder, Bluing, and Dolly Clothespins.

Washboard Music Festival in Logan, Ohio

Washboard Music Festival in Logan, Ohio

Today one of the most popular uses is as a musical instrument. Every year on Father’s Day weekend, three blocks of downtown Logan are closed off to host the Washboard Music Festival. It is listed as the Most Unique Music Festival in the area. The streets overflow with toe-tapping music, arts and crafts, a quilt show, antique tractors, and even washboard solos. Perhaps you would like to purchase a washboard and join in the fun this year.

There is no easy way to arrive at Logan, Ohio.  State Route 33 runs through the town in south central Ohio. The journey is not one for those who enjoy interstate travel, but perfect for a gypsy.

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