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American Gas Pump Heaven Museum


Gas Pump HeavenAmerican Gas Pump Heaven Museum overflows with memorabilia from the past.

Remember the good times!

A Sinclair gas delivery wagon from the 1930s greets people as they travel over the bridge in Dover, Ohio. It stands along the bank of the Tuscarawas River with many vintage gas signs on display. Everyone is sure to see the Sinclair Brontosaurus atop American Gas Pump Heaven Museum.

Roger Ramsey, owner of the museum, began collecting gas pumps in the 1970s. This was an expansion of his car restoration hobby, as he thought it would be special to have ‘one’ old gas pump. But as all collectors soon experience, something has to be done with what has accumulated. Roger decided to share his with everyone.

As a teenager, Roger worked at a Bonded gas station in Freeport, Ohio, where he grew up. Men usually pulled up for $1.00 worth of gas and if it went over a few cents, no extra was charged. There he acquired his passion for gas memorabilia, while at his real job at Dover Credit Union he learned about finance.

Gas AmericanaRoger prides himself on his Americana touch to his displays. Everything from American flags to an American eagle and a scaled down model of the Statue of Liberty can be found throughout his museum. There’s so much to see that one trip through will probably not be enough.

Gas Pump Sohio

The museum opened in 2010. His original building didn’t have enough room for all his collectibles, so he built another building – this time a replica of a Sohio Service station. His goal is to keep fifty gas pumps at the museum at all times. He frequently sells or trades, so there is always something new to experience.

Gas NickelodeonThis is more than just a collection of gas pumps from 1910 to 1962, it is a collection of memories! Take a walk through gas station history as well as the history of that time. While there stop and play the 1920s Nickelodeon, which works at the drop of a quarter.

Roger enjoys all the memorabilia he has collected. He’s really a kid at heart as he listens to the crooning of Dean Martin or a talking parrot from his desktop. Flashing signs adorn most walls as he “loves neon signs.”  He definitely has fun collecting gas pumps and memories of those days gone by.

Gas Roy Rogers“Roy Rogers is my hero,” Roger explains as he points out piece after piece inside the museum related to his hero. A life size picture of Roy easily stands out among the gas pumps.

Gas RogerAmerican Gas Pump Heaven Museum contains favorite memorabilia that remind him and visitors of the happy days of their youth. He has a little bit of everything and can’t think of anything that he really wants. But he always seems to be ready to make a deal on something that appeals to his fancy. Quite often he would point out a recent purchase and say, “I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this.”


Gas Mural

A mural of how it “used to be” covers an outside wall.

Everyone has memories of a favorite gas station when they were growing up. Our small town had a gas station/grocery store. There was only one pump but the Sinclair sign proudly displayed their signature Brontosaurus.

Gas stations provided neighbors with much more than fuel for their cars. Here you met your neighbors and caught up on local news over a cup of coffee or two cent bottle of pop – Orange Whistle was a favorite of mine

Gas FiretruckYou’ll definitely be surprised by the variety of items you see even from the outside. Since Roger is retired, he can’t be there all the time, but if the parking lot intrigues you, give Roger a call at (330) 343-6883. and he will find the time to stop down and unlock the door to a room filled with treasures of yesteryear. It’s what keeps him going!

The American Gas Pump Heaven Museum can be found easily off I-77 at Exit 83 to Dover OH Route 211. Follow 211 for a couple miles and on the left hand side you will see the museum just before you cross the bridge over the Tuscarawas River. Admission is well worth the price of  $5.00.


Happy Trails Lead to Roy Rogers Festival

Every August western fans hit the trail to Portsmouth, Ohio to honor an old favorite, Roy Rogers, King of the Cowboys, and his wife, Dale Evans, Queen of the West. 2015 made the 32nd year the Roy Rogers Festival has been held there.

Roy and Dale's youngest daughter, Dodie, and her husband, John Patterson.

Roy and Dale’s youngest daughter, Dodie, and her husband, Jon Patterson.

Meeting Dodie Rogers Patterson, the daughter of Roy Rogers, had to be a highlight of the day for many. Her husband, Jon, provided entertainment as well. Dodie is the youngest of Roy and Dale’s nine multi-cultural children. She is of the Choctaw tribe, which also ran in Roy’s blood.

It was a pleasant surprise to find hometown dealer, Dave Scott, with Roy Rogers memorabilia.

It was a pleasant surprise to find hometown dealer, Dave Scott, with Roy memorabilia.

Activities centered around the dealers’ room where items could be viewed and purchased from many sellers. In the afternoon, there was a question and answer session with the stars that provided an inside look at their lives and what they had overcome. Being a star is not always as glamorous as it may seem.

Steve Connors, son o Chuck Connors from the Rifleman, certainly had the image of his father.

Steve Connors, son o Chuck Connors from the Rifleman, certainly had the image of his father.

Many stars were in attendance, and several of them had also been at a recent Hopalong Cassidy Festival. Fuzzy took a fall but came back stronger than he was before.  Steve Connors, son of Chuck Connors, who was The Rifleman and Johnny Crawford, who also starred in that show as a young lad, both had a great sense of humor.

Roy Rogers home on Duck Creek near Portsmouth.

Roy Rogers home on Duck Creek near Portsmouth.

The boyhood home of Roy Rogers was located at Duck Creek about twelve miles from Portsmouth. There is an Ohio Historical Marker at his home as well as a marble marker. Roy lived here until he was a teenager at which time they moved to California.

Roy Rogers painting on the Portsmouth Flood Wall.

Roy Rogers painting on the Portsmouth Flood Wall.

The Portsmouth Floodwall by Robert Dafford  contains 2,200 feet of artwork, the largest by any single artist. This mural along the Ohio River displays a 160′ section called “King of the Cowboys”, dedicated to Roy Rogers, a legend in his time.

Roy and Dale were the most loved western couple of all time and were proud of the US flag and our country. As Roy and Dale would sing, “Happy trails to you, ’til we meet again.”

Rootin’ Tootin’ Western Fun Hopalong Cassidy Festival

Pritchard Laughlin Civic CenterMore fun than a pig in mud !  That description summed up the feeling of those participating in the 23rd Annual Hopalong Cassidy Festival held at Pritchard-Laughlin Civic Center during the first weekend of May near Cambridge, Ohio. Everyone there seemed to be having fun in this beautiful springtime setting!

From the moment of arrival, you were greeted outside the center with some good old-fashioned BBQ by Smokin’ C BBQ from nearby Old Washington. This provided a break from the action anytime hunger appeared during the day. Their pulled pork sandwiches and BBQ baked potatoes are always favorites.

Festival LobbyInside was where the legend of Hopalong Cassidy was being kept alive. The lobby contained Western actors from days gone by. They autographed pictures, posed with fans, and answered questions in a friendly manner.

The large banquet room had hundreds of items for sale from days of Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rogers, Daniel Boone and other favorite Western stars. Fans and dealers from all over the nation come to explore over one hundred tables of collectibles to see if they can find a treasure.

Panel of Stars

Julie Ream narrated a Panel of Stars including: Darby Hinton, Johnny Crawford, and Don Quine.

Cowboys from the past seemed to be one of the main drawing cards.  Meet the Stars drew a large crowd in the Bar 20 Annex.  These stars were all from California, but enjoying the small town greeting. Western history expert Julie Ream, who remembered the days of attending Charm School, informed the audience that her cousin, Cactus Mack McPeters was the first to make a Western with Republic Pictures, while her Uncle Rex Allen, The Arizona Cowboy, made the last Western for them.

Representing The Virginia was Don Quine, who played the role of the grandson, Stacey. Today he spends his free time writing a book, but he would not give any inside information as to what that book was about. Perhaps it is his memoirs.

An actual descendant of Daniel Boone, Darby Hinton accidentally fell into a role in the Daniel Boone TV series when his mother, running late as usual, dropped him off in front of the studio while she went to park the car. Here he was to try out for the part of a von Trapp lad in Sound of Music. So when Darby went inside, he fell right in line with the rest of the youngsters. He charmed those interviewing and got the part easily. However, when his mother arrived, she discovered he had gone to the wrong floor and instead of interviewing for Sound of Music, had accepted a role in Daniel Boone as his son. Today he is working on a PBS documentary of the life and times of the real Daniel Boone.

A sense of humor seemed to be the strong point for Johnny Crawford, who appeared on Rifleman for five years in the role of a son. When asked what he did when he became an adult, Johnny said, “I never grew up.” Music seemed to be his avocation these days and he sang Sweet Sue to the group…well, as much of it as remembered. Johnny said he could do the beginning of most songs.

Look Alike ContestAnother highlight was the Look-Alike Contests for young and old alike, which was judged by audience clapping. Youngsters dressed in Western gear competed for trophies, but just being there was the most fun for all of them.

In the adult division, Johnny Crawford served as moderator and put the competitors through their paces. While he sang, he had them perform in various ways such as dancing, cracking the whip, doing tricks with their guns, and testing their beards to see if they were real.  Gabby Hayes quipped, “My teeth aren’t real, but my beard is.”

Johnny noted, “Being a cowboy is a hard life.”

To which Gabby responded, “Durn tootin’.”

The Roy Rogers Look-Alike was a real estate broker, who wore his Roy Rogers hat to work every day. His rendition of Happy Trails to You brought a round of applause.

However, John Wayne’s Look-Alike was the overall winner of the contest. This big, strong fellow looked and sounded like The Duke. His dance steps were even quite smooth for a cowboy of his size.

Laura Bates, founder and chairmanLaura Bates, the founder of the Hopalong Cassidy Festival, paid tribute to Grace Boyd, Hopalong’s wife. Laura and Grace had become good friends over the years with Laura visiting their California home on the Pacific Ocean frequently. Laura dressed in a shirt of Hoppy’s that Grace had given her, and had the table covered in a scarf from their home. While the festival was to honor hometown cowboy hero, Hopalong Cassidy, his wife actually was a guest there for several years and became a real favorite of those attending. Grace went to the corral where cowboys and their families go after they leave this old world at the age of 97.

Many of the attendees come year after year to the Festival. One couple from Jacksonville FL said they had been there for 17 years. Seeing old friends, who are fans of Hoppy, is one of the best reasons for coming back year after year. See y’all next year!

The Hopalong Cassidy Festival is held annually at Pritchard Laughlin Civic Center near Cambridge Ohio.  It is easily reached from I-70 at Exit  176. Turn right coming off the exit onto Glenn Highway Road, and in about half a mile the civic center is on the left side of the road.

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